Welcome Aboard! @ 31 August 2008 03:17 PM
My name is Todd Tolces and welcome to the Blog Dept. at Imagingvoice.com. I'm glad you stopped by. In the days and weeks ahead, I hope to generate a lively discussion about creative voicing, copywriting, theatre arts, and media in general. This is our Labor Day weekend and we're being bombarded with radio and TV ads for everything from mattresses to cars, to homes toplumbing fixtures. Do people really make Labor Day a shopping event second only to the Christmas holiday? I mean, if we're honoring "labor" shouldn't we be just kicking back in our Barcaloungers? Killing time before we fire up the grill? And shouldn't the most pressing point of the day be beer, wine, or straight shots? Honoring labor my butt. All these stores with gigantic sales and rock bottom prices mean people have to work longer hours on a day they should be spending with family...and that is no way to honor labor. Here's an idea. Stop the Labor Day sales. Send everyone home or the day. And celebrate labor by not laboring.
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