Clients from Yonder @ 26 January 2009 04:40 PM
How curious. America's economic woes have opened new doors in strange new places. While thousands of on-air, production, and voice professionals have suddenly found themselves out at the curb as large broadcast entities shed employees at a frantic clip, new opportunities for voice talents have popped up around the globe. In the last year, I have done imaging jobs for clients in Singapore, Trinidad, Luxembourg, and Brazil. In just the last week, I have auditioned for clients in Ghana and France. The list of out-of-the-country clients needing voices is bigger than ever...and ENGLISH is the language of choice. Travel around the world, and you'll find many people in foreign lands can speak a little English...although they'd prefer their native tongue. But English is becoming a universal language and many schools around the world, especially China and Japan are aggressively teaching school-age kids English. What does this mean for honey-toned but unemployed voices? Plenty. With the right, aggressive marketing, you may be able to access stations and clients in places you'd be hard-pressed to find on a map. And with a PayPal account, payment is fast and painless. You won't find these jobs in the classified section of your Sunday paper...but with a little sleuthing and dogged determination, you might be able to find yourself some clients from yonder.
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