Whether you're on a long drive or stuck on mass transit, trips always seem to go better and faster with a good story. Whether your book is a techno-thriller, hard boiled mystery, self-improvement, or do-it-yourselfer, I can provide expert narration that keeps pace with the storyline and really makes the characters come alive. If you're interested in making your book part of the billion dollar audiobook business, give me a call, or email me a few pages and let me take a swing at it. There are only so many available hours in a day for someone to enjoy your book, so why not let them enjoy it while driving, walking, or commuting? Click below to hear my audiobook demo, or a piece of one of my recent audiobooks The Timekeeper by former Secret Serviceman-turned-author
Michael A. Hodge.

Commercial and Narratives
Voice Imaging
Aggressive Country Imaging
Characters and Animation

Claymation and Animation


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The Timekeeper by Michael Hodge
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