The Genius of Claymation
Will Vinton has made amazing and unprecedented contributions to the growth and success of 3D animation for many years. Although he won his first Oscar in 1975 for the Claymation short film Closed Mondays, using a groundbreaking stop-motion technique, Will is best known for creating and bringing to life The California Raisins and the animated M&M's. Working with Will on a variety of projects over the years has been the pinnacle of my voiceover career. Below you'll see a few of the clips I voiced for his Emmy award nominated and Emmy award winning features, as well as an over-the-top coach in a national ad for the California Raisin Advisory Board. Will's extensive library of films and collector's artwork are available at his website:
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Voice Imaging
Aggressive Country Imaging
Characters and Animation

Claymation and Animation



Two Scenes from Will Vinton's
Claymation Comedy of Horrors seen on CBS.

[Todd stars as Dr. Frankenswine and his talking diary and Vampire Maitre' D]


The Adventures of Mark Twain
[Todd stars as St Peter]


The California Raisin Show
[Todd stars as Stage Manager, Teacher and Sr. Garlic]


Scenes from "The Raisins Sold Out" seen on CBS.
[Todd stars as Rudy]


Scenes from "Meet The Raisins" seen on CBS.
[Todd stars as Rudy]


A National Ad for The California Raisin Advisory Board.
[Todd stars as the Coach]


Will Vinton's Claymation Easter seen on CBS.
[Todd stars as the Easter Bunny]


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