Aggressive Country Imaging
For the last few years, I've been developing an alternative country music branding sound that is working very well for both terrestrial and internet radio channels.

Beginning with Clear Channel's #4 most programmed HD station--Mother Trucker--my aggressive country imaging voice is the perfect foil for the over-rehearsed, over-produced, occasionally sappy country sound that has been plastered over the airwaves. This gritty imaging presence invokes the outlaw country spirit of years past. Of Waylon and Willie. Of Charlie and Merle. Of Jerry Jeff and Hank and Hoyt, and dozens of others. Heard for three years on Detroit's #1 Country Music station--106.7 FM The Fox--Aggressive Country Imaging is available for your station whether you program modern country, outlaw country, or something in between like Mother Trucker. Belly up to the bar and have a listen to the demo below.

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Aggressive Country Imaging
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Click Here for Aggressive Country Imaging Demo MP3 1.46MB

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